Record Production

Record Production

Art and Technology to take sound to the very highest quality standards.
The Recording Consort only works with specialised producers and engineers, who know and promote the production standards of the classical music industry.
The search for purity of sound, clear timbres, sensitive dynamics and high precision during the digital process inspires us to choose a sound which is suitable for each and every repertoire.
We ensure that the production technology chosen for each project is carefully selected to maintain precision in the musical message throughout the recording process.
Our excellent relationship with different suppliers means that our clients can obtain the best and most exquisite results in the production process.


Creative Image

A passion for beauty

Creativity and lateral thinking are the driving force behind our work. We combine technology, communication and sensitivity to project the image and concept of each musical product.
Our mission is to provide a faithful transmission of the spirit of the music and the artistic inspiration, by means of graphic and audiovisual solutions that work. We care about every single detail, to achieve an attractive combination of iconography, photography, repertoire notes, credits, and the extra information that each production requires.

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Our photography specialises in creation of a musical image. We know how to find the best images to reflect the spirit of a musical project.

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A promotional video may need to fulfil various functions, ranging from a video-clip which can put together a tantalising image of its artists, to a video with interviews through which to present the project to your audience, or to a taster video which gives an elegant advance glimpse of the best moments taken from a recording.